Calliope Tsoupaki


Composer Laureate (2018-2021)

Calliope Tsoupaki was Composer Laureate (Componist des Vaderlands) from 2018 to 2021, a year longer than the standard period of two years because corona asked for adjustment.¬†She is one of… Read further


COMPACT DISKS Selected CDs CDs from 2018 – 1992  

I. Vocal Music

1a. Solo voice & solo voice with piano 1b. Solo voice with other instrumental accompaniment 1c. Choir/vocal ensemble a cappella 1d. Choir/vocal ensemble with instrumental accompaniment 1a. Solo voice &… Read further

II. Instrumental music

2a. Solo instrument 2b. Chamber music 2c. Ensemble 2d. Orchestra 2a. Solo instrument 1987 REVEALING MOONLIGHT (01) for amplified alto flute – premiere: 1988, Jos Zwanenburg – duration: ca. 17… Read further

III. Stage works

3a. Opera 3b. Oratoria 3c. Theatre / Dance 3a. Opera 2002 DARK (67) opera for soprano and chamber ensemble – composed for the Rosa ensemble and Jannie Pranger – dedicated… Read further