Calliope Tsoupaki



For Festival November Music, Tsoupaki wrote Bosch Requiem 2019, Liknon. In 2023 published on CD. A musical prayer to Mother Mary in times of doubt and distress. Millions of people on this globe seek comfort from Mother of God

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Composer Laureate (2018-2021)

Calliope Tsoupaki was Composer Laureate (Componist des Vaderlands) from 2018 to 2021. She contributed to many concerts and festivals: for concert introductions, and to collaborate with venues, ensembles, orchestras and festivals.

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Thin Air

Calliope Tsoupaki’s new piece Thin Air is performed in dozens of festivals worldwide, in prominent venues like Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw. But it is also played or scheduled for performance in New Zealand, Russia, New York and Teheran.

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