Calliope Tsoupaki



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Calliope Tsoupaki's music is praised for its melodic character, warm sound and emotional quality. To date her oeuvre consists of more than 100 works for diverse instrumentation and instruments from different cultures (qaunun, ney, kemençe, hurdy gurdy, vielle, viola da gamba), from solo to orchestral works, choral music, dance, theatre, opera and multisensory projects.

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Read about Calliope Tsoupaki's musical highlights: her composition Thin Air, her works as Composer Laureate in 2018-2021 and the opera St. Luke Passion.

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Calliope Tsoupaki (Piraeus, Greece, 1963) makes music that has a mood of timelessness. Her objective is expressing the essence as simply and clearly as possible. In her compositions she uses elements of early and contemporary music as well as the music of Greece and the Middle East.

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