Calliope Tsoupaki

World premiere : A Song for You

World premiere : A Song for You

April 13 – 20:00
Kraakhuis, Gent

Song is the most direct way to make music, the most giving one and for me making a song is a profound procedure, as if I am telling a secret.

When Lucie Horsch asked me to write a piece for recorder and harpsichord I reflected mostly on the “vocal” sound colour of the instrument in relation to the rich sonority of the harpsichord, which would add rich ‘rainbow” colours to the melodies. I thought of a blooming piece, a song for us, for Lucie, for the spring and for our world.

Technically speaking in this piece I worked focusing on rules from the art of perfumery, touching on the common ground of music and scent composing. Terms as high, middle and low notes, chords and arpeggios, scales etc. are common also in perfumery. It is for me a vibrant and fascinating way to think of sounds and harmonies in such another way.

In “A Song for You” high notes of the recorder are intermingling in colour and mood with middle and low notes of the harpsichord, long notes and melodies are carried away by ever-changing, flourishing arrpeggios, as in a dance.

Calliope Tsoupaki, march 2024


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