Calliope Tsoupaki

Composer Laureate

Since November 2018, Calliope Tsoupaki is the Composer Laureate of The Netherlands (Componist des Vaderlands). She is one of the most prominent ambassadors for new music in the country. Her scope as Composer Laureate is wide-ranging: to make new music more flourishing, she regularly talks with fellow composers, musicians, concert promoters, record companies, politicians and programme makers from radio and TV. She contributes to many concerts and festivals: for concert introductions, and to collaborate with venues, ensembles, orchestras and festivals.

The Composer Laureate writes pieces as comments on events in the art world and society. After the destructive fire in Paris’s Notre Dame, she composed her organ piece Pour Notre Dame that was performed all over the country within a few days after the fire. To show solidarity to those who support the sick and needy during the corona-crisis, she composed Thin Air, that can be performed on a wide range of instruments. It is played and scheduled for performance in already more than 50 festivals worldwide. The scores that she has written as Composer Laureate can be downloaded for free from

An independent jury appoints the Composer Laureate for a period of two years. Calliope Tsoupaki’s predecessors were Willem Jeths and Mayke Nas.