Calliope Tsoupaki

World Premiere: Scorpio

World Premiere: Scorpio


A Thrilling double bass solo.
Scorpio is especially written for the amazing Sasha Witteveen and her Dutch classical talent finalist tour.
15 concerts in a variety of halls throughout the Netherlands!

Sasha Witteveen takes the listener from darkness to light. As a theme or build-up for her concert, she quotes Martin Luther King:

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that”

This is achieved, for example, through a dramatic transition from minor to major. She lets her double bass speak of loss and comfort, captivity and freedom, injustice and honesty, sarcasm and humor, drama and love. At 19, she is the youngest finalist ever. The judges:

‘What a tough appearence behind the double bass! Her decisiveness and determination is impressive, she knows exactly what she wants. Without fear, her fingers race across the fretboard and tame her instrument.’

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