Calliope Tsoupaki

Into Space CD

Into Space CD

The album takes its title from Calliope Tsoupaki’s opening work. Her “Into space,” inspired by Marinus Boezem’s The Green Cathedral, is a vast and evocative prayer of sound that acts as an unveiling.

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Into space is now in the top 25  of ‘luister gids NRC’ 


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Excerpt from  Black Pencil website

Daring compositions for a Daring New Land

Bringing together newcomers from all corners of the world, with an openness to experimentation and a wonderfully unexpected mix of old and new; these three elements apply to both to the province of Flevoland and to ensemble Black Pencil. It is therefore not surprising that the unique Flevoland landscape and the Land Art has inspired Black Pencil so greatly in the creation of beautiful new pieces of music written by composers with great vision.

In this way a new dimension is added to the experience of Flevoland; compositions made by man in interaction with the environment. This interaction is so integral to the music, that it will certainly inspire a visit to the daring New Land.

I wish you a lot of listening pleasure.

Michiel Rijsberman
Deputy for Art and Culture Flevoland

The Groene Kathedraal by artist Marinus Boezem is first up. “This is such a magical place,” Isaac thinks. “The concept is beautifully conceived. Putting up a cathedral to give identity to this young city. Without walls, but with trees.” For this artwork, Black Pencil asked composer Calliope Tsoupaki to write a piece.

“When she walked through the landscape artwork, she became genuinely emotional. She was touched not only by the artwork itself, but also by the location, surrounded by a highway, bike path and new residential area.”

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