Calliope Tsoupaki

Theater / dance

TROADES (2009)
for ney & percussion
Music composed for the theatre performance of the tragedy Troades by Euripides.
Production by the National Theater of North Greece, director: Niketi Kodouri.
premiere: 2nd of July 2009 in Thessaloniki.
Other performances: 8th of July in Delphi, 7th & 8th of August in the Antique Theatre of Epidaurus.
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VIAJE A LA LUNA (1999) 60′
musictheatre piece for oboe, violin, viola, cello & guitar based
on the F. G. Lorca”s film script “Viaje a la Luna”
commissioned by: Stichting Theaterwerkplaats Limburg “het Huis van Burgondie”
theater direction: Noel Fischer
premiere: May 19, 1999, “Het Huis van Burgondie”, Maastricht.

ETHER (1998) 30′
music for dance composed for electric guitar, oboe and doublebass.
commissioned by: Stichting Danswerkplaats Amsterdam for the dance performance
Eter/Ether, created by the choreographer Anouk van Dijk.
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SIREN (Nostos II) (1997) 30′
for actor/performer & chamber orchestra.
text: Fragments from the book “Tha ypografo Louis” by Rea Galanaki. [Greek]
commissioned by the “Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst”
premiere: ASKO Ensemble, 9 December 1997, Paradiso (Proms serie), Amsterdam

HIPPOLUTOS (1996) 45′
music for theatre performance [soprano saxophone & women choir]
text: Euripides Hippolutos [Dutch]
commissioned by:de Engelenbak
theatre direction: Agaath Witteman
premiere: January 11, 1997 – de Engelenbak – Amsterdam

MEDEA (1996) 65′
music for theatre performance [viola &3 female voices]
text: Euripides, Medea [Dutch]
commissioned by:Noord Nederlands Toneel, director Agaath Witteman
premiere: Noord Nederlands Toneel, 1996 – Groningen
duration: one evening performance

music theater piece for amateurs
[tenor, baritone, soprano, female choir and chamber ensemble]
text: W.Brakman-M.Beversluis[Dutch]
commissioned by: Netherlands Centre for Amateur Theatre
premiere: Theater Cosmic, Amsterdam